One online production management tool, developed by and for the media industry.
Dzjintonik covers all bases.

Whether you work for a production company, a broadcaster or an entertainment company, Dzjintonik allows you to manage planning, budgets and resources in just one package.


Keep track of all your company’s resources and their availability, follow up on each step of your production plan and use the plan board to create call sheets automatically. Develop long-term planning so you can check the capacity of colleagues.

Create a budget, manage forecasts, match incoming invoices to the working budget and draw up expense notes in one place. Turn these numbers into custom reports for your management team and generate reports on government-approved tax incentives or other finance plans and subsidies.

DzjinTonik Mobile

DzjinTonik is mobile. Our app lets you check your schedule and call sheets at all times.
You can upload photos to the location menu and look up contacts.


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